Grant Application

The Bower Foundation has a two-step grant application process.

Step 1 *

A Grant Concept Summary is submitted for Grant Committee consideration. A form for this purpose is available for your convenience.

Step 2

An organization whose Grant Concept Summary is approved will be asked to complete a full grant application for submission to the Grant Committee.

*Please note that any University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) faculty or staff wishing to submit a proposal must first receive approval from the UMMC Vice Chancellor.

Grant Concept Summary

To submit a Grant Concept Summary for Grant Committee consideration, provide the following information in two pages or less:

Review Process

The Bower Foundation will acknowledge the receipt of your Grant Concept Summary upon its arrival. The Foundation's Grant Committee, at its next regularly scheduled meeting, will review the Grant Concept Summary and will respond to your request within 90 days. The following criteria will be used to evaluate such requests:

Grant Concept

Instructions: This Grant Concept will be used by the Grant Committee to review your proposal. Organizations whose Concept Papers are approved will be asked to complete a full application for the Grant Committee. Please complete the following questions:

Entity Type (check those that apply)

Entity Mission Statement/Purpose

Project Title

Project Summary

Project Budget

Proposed Use of Funds

Target Audience

Project Time Frame

What Resources Will Your Organization Bring to the Project?

Plans for Sustainability