Renal Care


Mississippi ranks among the top in the nation in incidences of kidney disease, with kidney disease being the ninth leading cause of death in Mississippi. The number of Mississippians on dialysis is rapidly approaching 6,200.

In order to address the challenges of kidney disease and honor its own origins as a provider of renal services, The Bower Foundation has funded several renal-related endowments and grants. This includes several endowments at the University of Mississippi Medical Center as well as a partnership with the Mississippi Kidney Foundation.

The Foundation is committed to ensuring that Dr. Bower's commitment to renal care is maintained into the future.



The Bower Foundation Pediatric Nephrology Trust:

Goal: To enhance the professional development of the chair and the Division of Nephrology.

What it supports: Salary supplements for the chair holder of the Division of Nephrology and other development support, including professionally related travel expenses, research activities, continuing medical education expenses, fellowship support and other creative activities.


Mississippi Kidney Foundation (Partner Since 1998):

The mission of the Mississippi Kidney Foundation (MKF) is to provide quality programs and services, public education, and screening to promote the prevention of kidney disease in Mississippi. MKF also promotes organ donation throughout the state. It is the only organization in the state to focus solely on kidney care.

Goal: To improve the quality of life for patients with End Stage Renal Disease – and to provide support for patient services and education.

How Bower helps: Bower funds the position of Director of Patient Services and Implementation of Patient Programs and Services. Additionally, Bower provides educational programs for those at risk of kidney disease as well as services to improve the quality of life for those with End Stage Renal Disease.