Renal Endowments

Renal Endowments

To ensure the continuance of Dr. Bower's commitment to education for renal care providers, The Bower Foundation established the following endowments in the field of nephrology:

The Pediatric Nephrology Trust supports and promotes the provision of pediatric nephrology services at UMC through the funding or supplement of a pediatric nephrologist's salary and his/her professional activities directly related to the practice, research and development of pediatric nephrology.

The John D. Bower, M.D., Chair of Nephrology and Hypertension Endowment provides salary supplements for the chair holder of the Division of Nephrology and other development support, including professionally related travel expenses, research activities, continuing medical education expenses, fellowship support, and other creative activities that would enhance the professional development of the chair holder and the Division of Nephrology.

The Harriet G. Williamson, R.N., B.S., Chair of Nephrology Nursing was created to supplement the salary of the chair holder of Nephrology to foster and promote the implementation of nephrology nurse practitioners statewide and to provide other professional development support for chair holder and/or the School of Nursing.

Dr. Bower's vision and dedication to the pursuit of quality care for patients will endure for many generations through the renal endowments at UMC.